XCode Playground Part I: Diagrams

I really like developing with Swift for iOS for fun. With Xcode 6 (and Swift) Apple included the Concept of Playgrounds for learning, testing and so on. Coding in a Playground is interactive, per Default Xcode builds automatically while you change the code.

Playground are very simple, but also powerful. Over the next Weeks I’ll demonstrate other cool Playground Features.

Playground with 2 DiagramsLet’s have a look at the Diagrams:
In my 2 Examples I use loops and Playground tracks the variable Changes. If you use “print” the Console Output would be displayed, but to use the Diagram we just need an Variable as single Statement or an Operation as you see in the second Example.

I made a short Video to demonstrate how to open the Diagram. Note that the diagram gets updated instantaneously after changing the code!